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Sunday, May 24, 2020

3 tips to make her crazy for you {2020}

Guys are classic multi-taskers. We’re the ones who can talk on the phone to our mothers while we’re completely engrossed in a video game. We often watch TV, read a magazine and have a conversation at the same time. However, glamorous as this may sound, retention and comprehension are a problem. In our zest to multi-task, we often forget key pieces of information like birthdays; milk, eggs and a bottle of wine from the store; or “what Katie said to Kellie at work the other day.”

Our third grade teacher was right — we can’t listen and do that at the same time.

In nature, listening is a key element of survival; in fact, the best fighters and hunters in the wild capitalize on their acute sense of hearing. They are survivors because they hear, notice and process at a higher level.

Dating is no different
So how do we avoid a rap on the knuckles from our teacher and survive in the world of love? Here are a few tips:

Stop what you’re doing when you talk with her on the phone, in person or online. She can tell when she is the center of your universe and will thrive on it. Your undivided attention will form a special bond. Not only will you remember what she tells you, you will communicate to her that you care.

Make eye contact. Notice her eye color. Study her features and remember what makes her beautiful and unique. Your eye contact and nonverbal communication often speaks louder than words.

Listen intently to her tone (either in person or via email) and try your best to read her nonverbal signals. Is she sending you a message of openness and interest? Should you pursue another meeting or would it be best to go your separate ways? Show her your interest by returning the gift of communication her way. Nothing encourages conversation like both parties sharing a part of themselves.

And by all means, don’t get conversations mixed up if you’re interacting with multiple online matches. Use flash cards if you have to. Seriously.

Heed the wisdom of your grade-school teacher, and don’t forget to stop, look and listen. It’s as easy as crossing the street. Search for local singles and graduate to love today!