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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Delhi university postpones final exam.

Pakistan said indian national call, Bush and dad has refused to file a review petition and wants to go ahead with his pending mercy plea. Additional Attorney General Emma there fun while addressing a media conference, also said that Pakistan has offered a second consular access to him. Remember, the first consular access granted tardily in September last year was heavily monitored by Pakistan authorities and resulted to be a sham arrangement.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced that containment zones would follow a strict seven day lockdown from tomorrow, five p.m.. The order was issued on a day the state reported 850 infections and a record 25 deaths. That of the Doyel past eight hundred to eight hundred and forty. She also warned that police need to be strict. If people don't wear masks, they will be sent home. Delhi University informed the Delhi High Court today that it had decided to postpone the open book examinations scheduled from July 10th for final year undergraduate courses due next month.

The high court was hearing a petition by several finally Urdu students seeking, quashing and withdrawal of notifications on online exams for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Harvard University, N.M. idea of asked the federal courts to block the Trump administration's order to strip international college students of their U.S. visas if their courses have moved online during the pandemic. In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, the universities requested a restraining order to put the July 6th government order on hood, calling the order unlawful.

Policeman Vincenti Vahedi and her mother arrested Wednesday for allegedly tipping off gangster because to be about the police raid and gunfire in which eight policemen were killed last week, both the suspended sub inspectors were detained for questioning and later arrested. Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh government increased the divorce for dubious arrest from Roby's 2.5 blacks to Tobey's five Lack's hours after the government announced an investigation into alleged financial irregularities involving three Gandhi family linked justs.

Gandhi hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said those who fight for the truth have no price and cannot be intimidated. The Congress said its leadership would not be intimidated by cowardly acts and a blind witch hunt by the panic government. The other night, the article will be conducted in a staggered manner this year, with no more than 500 pilgrims allowed footie. As a result of the coronavirus.

Lockdown restrictions in a high level meeting, it was decided that the authority of the other, not Shein, would be allowed for a fortnight starting July 21st. Department of State courting the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, told the media that Hong Kong was such a special place where there were all the freedoms that people of Hong Kong were promised by Chinese Communist Party. We love to preserve the freedom in Hong Kong, but if we can't, we're going to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable.