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Friday, July 3, 2020

India bans Chinese apps - How much does this hurt China.

Photo source: Times of india

India has banned 59 Chinese apps, including the hugely popular short video making up Tick-Tock and file sharing app share it overnight. China is set to lose millions of users once India enforces the ban. Users are likely to see a message saying access to the apps has been restricted on the request of the government. This approach, unlike the much talked about trade ban, is unlikely to hurt Indian businesses much, but will deal a blow to Chinese, which has been trying to capture the growing and valuable Indian app market. 

What makes Indian app space attractive is that Internet costs here are one of the lowest in the world and that over 800 million consumers are available with a half smartphone users who are below 25 and content hungry. Dick Talk is currently the most downloaded mobile app in India, with more than 120 million active users. It has a massive reach into Indians heartlands as well. The only group of people this ban can potentially impact are content creators. But there are already alternatives in the app space.

While India can't do much to block trade from its neighbor without hurting itself or in waiting WTO action, it had in April made government approval mandatory for foreign investments from countries that shared land borders with India. This was done with an eye on China and hostile or opportunistic takeovers. With an attack on the Chinese wallet, even though it is of a low denomination item, India has taken the first course of action against its neighbor. Following the Goldman clash.